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Facas Medeiros Australia

5" Sheep's Shears Knife, Varela Radio Montevideo, Deer Antler, HCS - 120mm

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From the Estancia Woodsheds to the Gaucho belt:

A long time ago, in an artisanal way, these old English scissors began to be transformed into knives by blacksmiths and cutlery artisans from the West border area in the countryside of RS. The imported scissors, produced with high carbon steel, with alloys similar to those found in English and German knives of the time, aroused the interest of qualified cutlers who began to transform them into knives of excellent quality.

Proven quality of the steel and durability of the extremely sharp edge, it passed into the hands of ranchers and collectors. Today they are rare. They are coveted as a precise cutting instrument in barbecues, meat dishes and even in the kitchen.

Long story short: You won't find this opportunity again.

5" - 120mm BBQ & kitchen knife

Blade: 12cm x 4.5cm in High Carbon Steel

Steel thickness: 2.3mm

Weight: 142g

Handle: Handcrafted Deer Antler & Ostrich Bone

Leather Sheath


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