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Facas Medeiros Australia

10" Brisket Knife Chimango CS1095 - 250mm

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    ! Collectors Edition !

    10" Brisket Knife Chimango CS1095 - 250mm Cattle Bone

    This blade style is known as "Lingua de Chimango" in our Culture. It's an excellent choice for Brisket & Ribs.

    BBQ & kitchen knife.

    Blade: 25cm x 3cm - Carbon Steel with Phosphate treatment

    Steel thickness: 3mm

    Weight: 270g aprox.

    Handle: Cattle bone - Natural + light varnish

    Leather sheath


    Note: It is possible, and very likely, that after some use your carbon steel knives will develop a dark or slightly colored patina, depending on the food in which they were used. Rusting is also expected in small portions. This is very normal for carbon steel knives.

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