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Facas Medeiros Australia

8" Boning Knife LE SS420 - 200mm

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    8” Boning Knife - 200mm - LIMITED EDITION - Collectors Piece.

    Braided Leather Handle - A gorgeous blend of the Gaucho & Uruguayan culture expressed in a knife. The Alpaca nickel finish & ring add the extra detail to make this the most special Boning knife we have ever offered.

    Only 10 units ever produced. 8 are in Australia.

    Please be mindful and extra careful with this handle. Blood & Light Leather aren't best friends! 

    Knife blade designed for fishing, filleting, slicing, boning, prep work.

    Length: 20cm x 2cm in Stainless Steel 420

    Steel thickness: 3mm

    Handle: Handcrafted Custom Resin Block

    Leather sheath


    Faca para trabalho, filetar, fatiar, desossa, limpar carne, prep

    Comprimento: 20 x 2cm em Aço Inox 420

    Espessura do aço: 3mm

    Cabo: Artesanal Custom Resin Block

    Bainha em couro