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Facas Medeiros Australia

10" San Mai Caldera Artisan Knife CS1070 15n20

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    ! Collectors Edition ! Specialty Handles - Black Custom Block

    10" San Mai Caldera Artisan Knife CS1070 15n20 - 250mm

    Hard carbon steel is sandwiched between two layers of tough lower carbon spring steel, thus maximizing edge holding ability while still being able to withstand impact and lateral stresses.

    A creative blend of Artisan & Bowie knife. 25cm of cutting, followed by a Custom Damascus guard. 

    BBQ & kitchen knife.

    Blade: 25cm x 4.5cm with 3 Layers 15N20 (outside) and 1070 steels (middle) - 250mm

    Steel thickness: 5mm

    Natural Pattern - Caldera landscape

    Damascus Guard / Bolster

    Weight: 371g

    Handle: Black Custom Block

    Leather sheath


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