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Facas Medeiros Australia

9" Damascus Santoku Knife 180 Layers CS1095 15n20

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    9" Damascus Santoku Knife 180 Layers CS1095 15n20 - 220mm

    Damascus steel is a famed type of steel recognizable by the watery or wavy light and dark pattern of the metal. Aside from being beautiful, Damascus steel is valued because it maintains a keen edge, yet hard and flexible. 

    Blade: 23cm x 4.5cm with 180 Layers 15N20 and 1095 steels - 220mm

    Steel thickness: 5mm

    Natural Pattern

    Integral Bolster

    Weight: 312g

    Handle: Brazilian native Guajuvira Hardwood

    Leather sheath


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    Mas o que é uma Faca Damasco?